Why positive methods?

Old-school versus positive methods in modern day dog training

Old-fashioned dog training is mostly based on forcing the dog physically;
controlling the dog by a lead and a collar, even a choke collar. Little
emphasis is given on the natural behaviour of the dog. Dogs are often
punished for unwanted behaviour. Many dogs develop neck problems
caused by the collar and pulling on the lead.


When dogs are taught using positive methods it means that learning
happens through positive experiences and rewarding. The teaching
includes no physical force; dogs are rewarded for learning and not punished.
Punishing slows down the learning process and dogs when punished
easily learn wrong things, for example fear of the owner / current situation.
Learning by positive methods doesn’t involve stress. By positive methods
dogs learn and perform faster, and also build a trusting relationship with
their owner.

There is plenty of new scientific information on dog behaviour. Positive
methods take into account the wide range of communicative signals
dogs have and this way the so-called dominance becomes less and
less of importance.

Pauliina Laurila offers consultation and problem solving using modern dog
training methods based on current scientific studies and years of
practical experience with dogs.